Recipe evolution movement 食譜演化運動


Photography and Documents, Mobile Installation

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One who has a cross-cultural marriage not only interacts with his/her spouse at the individual level, but also engages in broader cultural exchange in various aspects such as politics, economy, and international trends. Exercising her fertile imagination, the artist created innovative recipes that highlight the dimension of humanistic evolution by reorganizing existing ingredients. Treating "the interviewees' personal experiences" and "daily diets" as the essential elements of the food photographs in this series, the artist sensed the gradually changing habits and tastes in the dietary fusion of different cultures, according to which she redefined the role of food in culture clashes.

“Recipe Evolution Movement” photography series. Through each of the interviews, the artist will select suitable materials and convert them into photographs. Your answers and stories will also serve as a reference as a material for Taiwan’s contemporary era when it gradually enters a multi-ethnic time, also as a valuable sample of folk oral history.






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[ Mirage mountain ]  Recipe evolution movement  , one of the series works


The environment here is very similar to that of Xining County, Vietnam, where it grew up. It is a lot of rice, all in the mountains.
My mother often sent spices and seasonings from Vietnam to me. When I missed duck eggs, I rode to the only grocery store that I sold.

The telephone tube was the soul of people who were in different places when they first arrived in Taiwan, and the voice became a picture of missing. In the current home, mother-in-law and mother-in-law are always able to find some local recipes that make me forget the feeling of homesickness for a while. Even later, Taiwanese cuisine is a hometown taste that is very missed every time I return to Vietnam.

Hakka salted pork is massaged with black pepper, salt and rice wine on the pork belly. After the sauté, put it in the oven and treat the skin to crispy. The grilled pork is served on the side of the pork to make the pork taste and Vietnamese braised pork is closer, it is a kind of pork dish that uses fish sauce and spices to boil and thicken the sauce.
The raw spring rolls at the bottom are sent to the inlet, which softens after the wetness of the saliva. It is covered with a whole piece of pork, and the tip of the tongue touches the red yeast to produce alcohol and mellow fermented taste.
Many pickled foods in the hometown, the taste is very salty, the spherical bean curd on the top of the pork can be the flavor of the milk beans in the fleshy, the last entrance of the lemongrass, shallots and shrimp salt, the first citronella chews in the teeth The lemon is fruity, and the green onion and shrimp salt are chewed in the mouth and filled with salty aroma.


[ 鏡山境 食譜演化運動作品系列












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[ Golden flower wave ]  Recipe evolution movement , one of the series works


The father's family fled from Gansu to Xinjiang during the famine in northwestern China. The mother's family fought and fought in the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. From Fujian to Xinjiang, from the far-reaching town of Akzi to Taiwan, surrounded by the sea, the grandmother personally sewed it. The baby costume represents the inheritance of the family.

Transportation has always been a factor affecting the distribution of resources in Xinjiang. Especially in the winter, there are almost no fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of them are served with high-quality spirits such as meat and noodles. The use of spicy spices and strong flavor makes the ingredients change without monotony.
Marinate for 2 hours with cumin, chili, soy sauce and sorghum, simmer the beef, and roll it back and forth on a charcoal iron rack that burns red at high temperatures. From time to time, the skin is kissed by the fire, and the beef and sauce pass. After caramelization and Mena reaction, the smooth and creamy flavor and the three-dimensional scent of fresh meat are taken out.

The hometown milk tea was sprinkled with salt and salty. After coming here, I began to learn to eat sweets and fruits. The peppercorns arranged on the Jinhuang mango are accompanied by a hint of provocation in the taste and taste. They are combined and sent to the entrance. The sweet and sour peppers are soft, tender and crisp. On the side, the tea bricks and water are boiled to add the soft gelatin. The sliced milk tea is made, and the salty taste of the meat is balanced with the sweetness of the fruit. The dragon fruit produced in Taiwan is used to neutralize the taste of the dish, and the various flavors are diluted. Finally, the fresh butterfly bean is entrained at the tip of the tongue. Natural fragrance.


金花浪 ]  食譜演化運動作品系列








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