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From Now And For Ever                      


從  今  時  直  到  永  遠 


Performance art for long-term plan

with Artist  

A relationship, from the touch of the self and the other, from the casual connection. Relations continue, including some kind of trust and suspicion of anxiety, countless expeditions, compromise and running, after a series of events, the relationship will always reborn, there is no end. Like the air in the universe, there is no friction, there is no friction, a touch will immediately produce endless linear run, no pause, can not be repeated, never ending. This is a love of the long-term competition, we have all concentrated in a tiny time inside. In the relationship between love and hope forever good?
Two artists with two chairs, quietly began their journey, it would be the last dinner? In the middle there is a wonderful force, through the aroma of fruits and vegetables, distinguish between good and evil seeds of the process, a negotiation. Mysterious force is particularly rampant at night, so that everything has its own little life, suspended in the dream time.

一段關係,源於自我與他者的觸碰,始自不經意的連結。 關係延續,包含某種信任又猜忌的不安、無數的征戰、妥協與磨合,經一連串事件後,關係總會又重生,沒有終點。 像在宇宙中沒有賴以為生的空氣、沒有摩擦力,一個輕觸便立即產生無止盡的線性奔跑,沒有暫停、無法重來、從來都不會結束。這是一場愛情的長期競賽,我們把一切濃縮在微小的時間裡面。而在愛情關係中冀望永遠的美好?

兩位藝術家帶著兩把椅子,靜悄悄地開始了他們的旅程,那會是最後的晚餐嗎? 在中間有一股奇妙力量,透過瓜果的香氣、分辨善惡種子的過程,進行一場談判。 神祕力量在夜晚是特別橫行,讓任何東西都有它自己的小生命,暫停在那美夢的時間裡。


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