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The next meal 下一餐


Photography and Documents, Mobile Installation

dimension variable



CHENG Jen-Pei utilizes food as the catalyst to explore the difference between local customs and her self-culture. 
Keelung - the most important harbor in Taiwan, with it as the imagination of the point.She investigated local industries in the city depending on the Ocean: fishing industries and logistics/ transportation industry, whether the declining industries will be disappeared, continued or interrupted with time in the future. 

The artist do interviews with local fisherman and the marine fishery, she collected stories and changes to conduct a survey. Through collecting and researching of local food, city environment and citizen’s customs, the artist will extend her own observation to the imagination of Keeling, conveying the future food and fabricated stories constructed by imagination through photography and document. By narrating city fragments collected in Keelung, the artist will realize the appearance of future food and the ways of eating, and deduce issues that the global will be facing in the future.

During the exhibition, meeting time will be arranged by the artist to interact with audiences.





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[ Sauce Mousse and Spicy Aged Salmon ]  The Next Meal , one of the series works


The air evenly into the sauce, the tongue collided in the mousse-like sauce instant, taste and Japanese sauce and miso in the mouth, wrapped in fresh flavor of the bubble scattered in the tongue, the fresh fish soup to send a moderate way into the mouth. Ruby-like salmon tiles with the cold extra virgin olive oil, thyme and a few drops of grapefruit peel and salt with the low temperature cooked together, and salmon meat itself unique dill flavor, taste particularly herbal taste, with crisp fish skin in the lips and teeth between the mouth, the skin and plastic scales in this cooking showed a fresh gum texture, in the fragile taste of salmon meat to provoke the smell of elegant fruit.


[ 醬汁慕斯 香料熟成鮭魚 ]  下一餐作品系列

把空氣均質地打進醬汁,舌間碰撞在慕絲狀的醬汁瞬間,味醂及日式醬油與味噌化在嘴裡,包裹鮮味的泡沫散在舌間,把鮮魚高湯以溫和方式送進口中。 紅寶石般的鮭魚小磚在與冷榨橄欖油、百里香及幾滴葡萄柚果皮及鹽花一起低溫熟成後,與鮭魚肉質本身獨有的蒔蘿味,嚐起來特別有草本滋味,搭配的酥脆魚皮在唇齒間喀茲聲響,魚皮及塑質鱗片在這道料理表現出清爽膠質感,在易碎口感中挑起鮭魚肉高雅的果香之氛。




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[ Fresh Plasticizer Oyster with Lemon Peel and Coriander ]  The Next Meal , one of the series works

The state of the country is surrounded by the sea, from the land until the river is full of fresh plastic, the decomposition mechanism in the natural time may take several years, and then through the food chain concentration, the human body intake of plasticizer concentration, higher than the concentration of the environment.


However, the plasticizer oysters can be called concentrated marine flavor, in the taste than the other species of oysters in the past more than a layer of film, slippery teeth at the entrance, from the tip of the fluttering fragrant, chewing brittle film The coat is boldly drawn to the ocean of the juice, carefully tasting in the rhyme to find people filled with full of wine. Accompanied by a little lemon peels or coriander, are added to the taste of the aroma of latex oysters can bring changes in taste, this dish is presented in simple, direct consumption, the best taste of fresh and delicious natural flavor.

Special chewing sense and elegant plastic aroma is a new flavor of the diet!


[ 新鮮乳膠牡蠣  檸檬皮屑與芫荽 ]  下一餐作品系列



然而乳膠牡蠣可稱為濃縮的海洋風味,在口感上比起過去的其他種類生蠔多了一層薄膜,在入口時滑溜彈牙,從齒尖上迸出四溢香甜濃郁,咀嚼著脆彈的薄膜外衣一邊豪邁地吸取屬於海洋的汁液,仔細品嚐能在尾韻中找到叫人沉浸滿滿地的酒香。 ​ 配上些許檸檬皮屑或芫荽,都是增添口味上的香氣,能替乳膠牡蠣帶來口味變化,這道料理以質樸呈現,直接食用,最能品嚐清潤豐美的自然原味。





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[ Aroma Snowball Squid ]  The Next Meal , one of the series works

Sage and white wine boil with a small fire, after the bubble in the white wine to extinguish the flames, to about 98 degrees of the temperature to soak the squid, on the one hand so that the squid in the temperature slow down sage liquor will not in the contraction too fast, keep the sweet tender and delicious, but also to extend the spice in the meat to stay time. Snowball squid is the most precious in addition to enjoy his own faint aroma and the sea flover of meat, the abdomen is always stuffed with silver foam small snowballs, gently remove the internal organs and ink shell, the rest of all the ingredients can be ingredients.


In current society, people began to pursue eating primary food do not eat processed or canned foods, everyone asked this question ‘’ where is our ingredients from? ‘’ This dish is given an interesting answer, it answers us ‘’ we eat the squids,  and the squids grow up by eating snowballs.‘’ This cuisine is also able to understand what we eat,even we knew what is the food of our food,this cuisine just like a healthy and aftertaste of good food. 

[ 酒香雪球鎖管 ]  下一餐作品系列


鼠尾草及白酒以小火熬煮,在白酒冒泡後便滅去火苗,以約98度的餘溫來浸熟鎖管,一方面使鎖管在溫度緩降的鼠尾草白酒中不致於收縮過快,保留甘美多汁的完美嫩口,也能延長香料在肉質停留的時間。   雪球鎖管最珍貴在於除了享受他本身淡淡的海水香氣的肉質,腹中總是塞滿著銀白發泡小圓球,輕柔地去除內臟及墨汁內殼,其所剩餘部分全部可成為食材。


在當今的時代中,人們開始追求吃原始食物不要吃加工食品。 每一個人都會問:「我們的食材來自於何處?」 這份料理則提供一個有趣的答案,它回答我們:我們所吃的鎖管,原來它吃雪球長大。能將我們所送進口中的料理食材所獵補的食物都被看見,儼然是健康又餘味無窮的好料理。


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[ Sugar Glass Fluorescent Green Shrimp ]  The Next Meal , one of the series works

Fluorescent green shrimp through the sugar into the sweet with coconut oil high temperature fried, immediately picked up the drain after the spare, small crisp cakes and shrimp head is the essence of baking, with natural sweet, a few shrimp shells made of small pieces together, bite up coke crunchy. From the top of the sweet, middle of the fresh, to the bottom of the highlight of the Fluorescent green shrimp superb flavor, the cuisine in the visual, taste and flavoring methods have brought people a new trick.


Ringed of fluorescent green shell is shrimps eat too much Ps organisms, so make this phenomenon. After the shelling, will be in accordance with the environment where there are knids of different color of Ps organism, and how much the shrimps eat  Ps organism into their body, the reaction show in the shrimp shell, there will be different shades of color.


Note: Ps organism, is currently widely used to come to the majority of PE. PP. PVC. Three categories. Please refer to another dish [ Ps Organic Dessert ].


[ 糖片翡翠瑩蝦 ]  下一餐作品系列






註明: Ps有機體,目前廣泛使用於來料理多為PE. PP. PVC. 三大類。

可參考另一道料理 [ ​Ps 有機體甜點 ]。




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[ Ps Organic Dessert ]  The Next Meal , one of the series works

Those organisms in the sea that looks both novel and delicious, they are colorful, make people have a desire to finger licking. These two desserts just use different types of Ps organisms were treated with sugar and dry restore way, and then through the fish skin and fish bone with peach and beetroot boiled out of the colloid together into a block, fragrant Ganlie and soft sticky. Variety of variants of the fast rate of Ps organisms, is currently widely used to come to the majority of PE. PP. PVC. Three categories.


These newly discovered organisms in the sea are said to be from the land began to grow into the water, is resistant to high temperature and difficult to break down the new species, and even water for a long time, often found in the intertidal zone. These Ps transparent organism itself does not have a unique taste, but it is in the taste of the layer is very diverse, generally they are chewy and very flexible. It is often used to the fun way with cuisines in creative dishes.


[ Ps 有機體甜點 ]  下一餐作品系列



種類多元變種速率快的Ps有機體,目前廣泛使用於來料理多為PE. PP. PVC. 三大類。這些在海中新發現的有機體據說是從陸地開始生長進水中的,是能抗高溫及不易分解的新物種,甚至可耐水多時,常在潮間帶可尋得。 這些Ps透明有機體本身並無具備獨特的口味,卻是在口感上的層次感非常多元,普遍他們是耐嚼又非常有彈性的。經常被使用在創意料理中添增飲食的趣味性。




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[ Tea and Aluminum Crabs ]  The Next Meal , one of the series works
The green tea, orange, vanilla, almonds and berries dry as the base of the steamed water, boiled tea steamed steamed tea, aluminum shell crabs in recent years, the evolution of new species, it belongs to a special model. Each of the aluminum crabs grows in different areas, because the metal content of the species and the concentration of different regions of the metal shell crab meat and delicious are its unique flavor.


In the taste is also gradually being unearthed a new taste, the smell of metal is understood by everyone, but widely accepted today, metal dishes between the lips and teeth a while soft challenge as those who are spicy people suffering from paralysis, quietly fascinated by people. This dish is particularly warm formula to spend tea steam to adjust the meat in the mineral salt taste, like tasting a sweet fine refreshments.


[ 茶香鋁殼蟹 ]  下一餐作品系列


在味覺上也正漸漸地被發掘出一種新的味道,金屬味被眾人所理解,卻在今天廣泛被接受,金屬料理使唇齒間一陣酸軟的挑戰正如那些嗜辣者對於麻痺痛覺的過癮,正悄悄被人們著迷。 此道料理特別以溫潤配方花茶蒸汽來調衡肉質中的礦物鹽味,好似品嚐一道清甜的精細茶點。




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[ Performance in my exhibition ]  

I hired part time employees to distribute flyers about the new dishes and invited passers to try “ The Next Meal ”.


[ 展覽中的行為藝術 

雇用臨時員工在路上發廣告傳單,並且邀請路人認識我的新菜色和參加『 下一餐 』的試吃會。




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