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Your Cuisine My Repice 你的料理我的食譜

2014 to Now 

Participatory art Project

Photography, Video, Documents,


dimension variable









An art plan started in 2014, called "Your Cuisine My Recipe", this plan discussions on nation and food culture. An open invitation to anyone who would like to enjoy a free meal with me. Prior access to records under each plan participant, I do it on its own imagination along their hometown dishes. With their meal at the same time, I record the entire process of photos and videos,

discussing food and memories. This plan will be going on now, in the remote collection interviewed more nation.

The main residency program in the local is expected to look for those losing foods, it may be derived from the family heritage from someone, it may be a flat or food culture mingled, the result of passing some of the traditional diet. These dates will be collected and controlled manner, to photography and video and text records.

Food in the presence of human society has been deeply influenced by the position of the political, economic and ethnic groups, we train too much for appreciation of food, also is making us lose a lot of understanding for the food. Food is also a question of identity, the majority comes from an attachment from the value of the price. What kind of area contains what ingredients can be achieved, in what cooking mode itself of these factors are location and climate, but under human intervention, these food distribution issues into political and class character issues.

自 2014 年夏天開始著手名為「你的料理我的食譜」之創作計畫,這個計畫討論 關於民族和飲食文化。公開邀請任何人和我一起享用免費的一餐。與每位計畫參與者的 事前訪問記錄下,我單憑自己的想像去做一道他們的家鄉料理。與他們進餐的同時,我 記錄下整個過程的照片和視頻,內容討論著食物與記憶。這個計畫會持續進行,在異地 採集更多民族的採訪對象。

計畫尋找正在失去的食物,那可能是是來自於每個人家族的傳承,也可能是一種飲 食文化的扁平或交雜,所導致一些傳統飲食方式的逝去。將以採樣與對照的方式進行收 集,以攝影及錄像和文字記錄。


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