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Then, wait quiently 然後,安靜等待


Photography  1.6m * 0.8m

Installation  0.3m * 0.45m * 0.6m


​攝影  1.6m* 0.8m

裝置  0.3m * 0.45m * 0.6m

This piece of work tries to make "... then ..." state.
Magnify this subtle time with space to see clearly.
Trying to simulate a state of anti-natural phenomenon, creating a space within the space. Will be filled with air volume floating in the middle of the water, and the space rupture that moment to stay!


Body and Spirit:

I try to extend the tension of the screen to the viewer's body, try to make an effect, is the viewer standing in front of a huge picture, unconscious can go into the screen.
Seems to be a very quiet voice can slowly continue in the picture,
If there is no sound like that heard, as if it seems difficult to hear heard!
No judgment!
From the visual received the message, through the unconscious instinct, through experience directly to the body have other feelings of continuity. Sometimes it is difficult to control their own body, their body with their own mental state is almost blurred to distinguish, can not tell the brain to connect to the screen or the story from where?



"Blasting moments of small bubbles" and "still stay in the middle of the water balloon."
Here I am concerned about a minute of the fragments of memory, I want to keep the "blasting moments of small bubbles who" look, quiet and thin look at them; it seems from this tiny time part of the screen forward, Later inferred that this is usually not easy to see the small state, can clearly look carefully.
"Still stay in the water balloon", seems to be a continuation of the time and space, but also deliberately manipulated out of the fragment, the space outside the object is not stopped, the water balloon is still in the middle.

這件作品嘗試做出『 … 然後 … 』的狀態。






「爆破瞬間的小氣泡們 」 及 「依舊停留在水中間的氣球 」。
這邊我關注的是一個微小時間的片段記憶,我想保持著〝 爆破瞬間的小氣泡們 〞的樣貌,安靜而且細細的看著它們;好像可以從這個微小時間的片段畫面往前、往後推斷,這平常即微小的不易看清楚的狀態,可以明明白白瞧仔細。
「 依舊停留在水中間的氣球 」,看似一種不停在延續的時間和空間,卻也是故意被操弄出來的片段,物件外面的時空是不停止,水中間的氣球卻是靜止的。

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