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They come, we don't have suger! 他們來了,沒有糖!


Photography and Mobile Installation on bus​


I was invited to take part in “Gara Art Festival”(加蚋仔藝術季) and “Hieroglyphic Memory” exhibition in Bopiliao Historic Block. Coincidentally, both projects took the locality of Wanhua as their texts. For my 《日景計劃》 in “Gara Art Festival”, I took buses moving in Wanhua streets everyday as the venue. At the start of the research project based in this area, I made a series of photography and proposed “They Come, We Don’t Have Sugar”; the phrase was the problematic for the work.

“They come, Taiwan as the place producing sugar cane, the raw material of sugar industry. They come, most cane fields are changed into rice fields under the rule. They come and destroy most of the sugar factories.  They come, Taiwan that used to export sugar now imports it.  They come, and we’re taught how to live our lives.” “They” in the sentences point to different answers in the minds of inhabitants in Wanhua and their answers just represent their feedbacks to their own past history.

受邀參加「加蚋仔藝術季」,和位於剝皮寮歷史街區的「謎樣的記憶:從敘事軌跡探視艋舺」,這兩項計劃都恰好以萬華當地為文本。「加蚋仔藝術」季的《日景計劃》中,我把萬華街區內每日移動的公車當作展覽場域,在關於整個位於萬華研究計劃的一開始,我拍攝了一組攝影,並且提問「 他們來了,沒有糖」這句話。


「他們來了,台灣作為種植甘蔗原料生產糖的地方。 他們來了,大部分甘蔗田受命改耕稻米田。 他們來了,把台灣大部分糖廠都摧毀了。 他們來了,台灣從昔日的糖業出口地轉變為進口地區。 他們來了,我們被教導生存的方式。」 這些字句中的「他們」在萬華居民心中意指不同的答案, 而那些答案正是在地居民對於自身歷史過往的反饋。

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